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Updated: December 15, 2012

Do they work?

By Dar Forsythe, HSSCS, PTS.

Coaching Director, Baseball Presqu’ile.

We are seeing a rising trend in the use of performance enhancing bagatelle among professional athletes. The more popular forms of these embellishments appear in the likes of bracelets, necklaces and pendants. Baseball and football players prefer Phiten™ Necklaces,  while golfer’s use the Power Balance™ bracelets. Less common than the other two is the Dynamic sr ™ pendant. This phitenpast summer provided me the perfect opportunity to test the Phiten during baseball season and I must say, other than looking cool, they have little or no effect.  The science behind their claims is sketchy at best, but there is something to be said about the placebo effect. Consider that many professional athletes are superstitious and adhere to  strict routines, these pets(performance enhancing trinkets) become part of their daily must. If you believe something will make you better, than there is a chance that it will make you better.

The marketing scheme is quite simple, ‘Wear it and they will come!’ You amass as many pro athletes to sponsor them and people will gladly lighten their wallets. At 35$ and up, it’s a small price to pay to look and play like the pros. Last summer several of the players I coached, teammates, and opponents expressed an interest in the Phiten necklaces and had ordered them, when asked though, I told them that I had good games and bad games and at 51, I’m happy I can still hit a ball and run the bases. Interesting enough, my batting average during the season was decent but rose to a stellar .780 during the playoffs. I did change bats for the playoffs, so was it the bat or the necklace, you be the judge.


Here are a few interesting articles;  PhitenPower Balance.  As for my opinion, they look cool, enough said.


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