NHL Lockout

Updated: January 5, 2013

By Dar Forsythe, HSSCS, PTS.

Coaching Director, Baseball Presqu’ile.

This war of attrition fuelled by two megalomaniacs, Fehr and Bettmen, has served to do nothing except further estrange it’s fans from the game. This is a personal battle between the Bettmen and Fehr, an epic battle of well, evil vs. evil? The real question is, what has the NHL and the NHLPA done or doing to avoid this situation in the future? The answer is simple, nothing! I respectfully disagree with the report

hockey gamethat this negotiation will leave such a horrible taste in everyone’s mouth that it will never happen again. The NHL is the lowest rung of the ladder when concerned with the big four in North America, perhaps all parties concerned should interest themselves in salvaging what little credibility this concussed league has left. The only one’s getting screwed here are the fans, part-time arena staff, and the small businesses that rely on those 41 games for extra income. The lowest salary is 550,000$ per year, Bettmen makes 8 million per year, none of the parties concerned are hurting. Jerome Iginla intimated that he lost 7,000,000$ during the last lockout that he will never make again, but Jerome, in all honesty, 7,000,000$ to play a game is ridiculous, think about it!

Gary Bettmen says it’s a “complicated issue.”

‘Complicated issue’
“It’s a very complicated issue,” commissioner Gary Bettman said early Thursday morning. “The number of variables and the number of issues that have to be addressed by people who carry the title actuary or pension lawyer are pretty numerous and it’s pretty easy to get off track.
“But that’s something that we understand is important to the players and if we can get the issues resolved we’re hopeful we can satisfy the players on that issue but that’s still a work in progress.” CBC News

It’s not that complicated Gary, now stop being a spoiled brat, and get er done!

Note: Under Gary Bettmen’s reign, we have seen, three work stoppages, an increase in injuries and concussions, and too many teams in the southern states. Really! who likes hockey in the deep south?

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